Infinian provides highly insightful data to the financial services sector, fintech companies and some of the largest global data businesses and credit bureaux.

Infinian’s suite of products enables partners to enhance the quality of their credit decisions and existing customer databases, enabling them to create more efficient and profitable operating model.

Infinian’s Vision database is unique, informed in real-time by exclusive data created by the Groups' marketing-leading consumer finance businesses, as well as from hundreds of other data points in real-time from related third party data providers. This data is intelligently deployed into Infinian’s product suite, which falls into four key areas: Credit Risk, Fraud, Collections and Tracking & Enhancement.

The business is currently experiencing explosive growth driven by the unique nature of the Group’s data sources and access to its existing customer base and client relationships.

Infinian develops and provides credit risk data, enhancement data and analytical data to online lenders, fintechs and other data businesses.

Consumer credit intelligence

Consumer intelligence & tracing

Behavioural alerting

Sam Colclough

Chief Information Officer

Sam Colclough is a Management Information and Business Intelligence professional.

Sam has a strong scientific background and accompanying Bachelor’s degree, combined with a deep commercial awareness and a Master’s degree in Management. With a further two decades of experience in data analysis, data asset creation and delivery, direct marketing, master data management and data governance. Sam also has many years experience of people management. In more recent years, Sam gained significant insight into consumer credit risk management and decisioning, specifically in relation to alternative data sets and machine learning. He specialises in identifying, extracting and presenting commercially valuable information from data to drive business efficiency and performance through systems development and implementation.

Sam joined Infinian in 2016 and has overall responsibility for Information Technology, Security and Governance across Quint Group. He has been instrumental in the development of the Infinian products and works closely with Philip Dodgson, the Infinian technical lead, to deliver a quality product and service portfolio.

Ben Allott

Commercial Manager

Ben is a highly experienced commercial leader with a successful track record in the global expansion of big data businesses with additional senior experience working at major UK data bureaus. With his understanding of the global data market and the value Infinian’s product suite provides, Ben ensures Infinian’s strategic partnership with our customers.

As Chief Revenue Officer at big data specialist Hello Soda and having held Leadership roles at Call Credit prior to that, Ben brings to Infinian a stellar track record of working at the vanguard of the Data Intelligence space. Ben’s understanding of the global data market and the value that Infinians' unique product suite brings provides the clear direction required that will ensure Infinian dominates in its chosen markets and is seen as an essential strategic partner by our customers.

Our Monthly Data

The Infinian Vision database is continually updated by hundreds of sources it receives in real-time. Data is collected from consumer credit interactions, credit building services and standard industry databases, which is then processed through our standardisation and cleansing platform, before a number of additional attributes are derived using trend and transactional analysis.

Credit Interactions
Individuals transacting
100k new / 300k repeat

Some of our Clients


Infinian has compliance at its core. We are used to working in a regulated environment and take information security and privacy seriously. We have recently undergone a GDPR gap and risk review with PwC UK and work closely with the ICO where possible to ensure we are leaders in this arena. We manage our information in line with the ISO27001 framework and we are intending on becoming accredited in the future.

Our data is compliant from the start. Using approved presentation techniques and clear wording, consumers are presented with our Privacy Policy which openly declares how and why their personal data will be captured, processed and shared. This theme is carried though during the credit application process, with Privacy information displayed at each relevant step.

Our data is secure from the start. We host our data with Armor, ‘The first totally secure cloud company’, to ensure that our customers’ and our consumers’ information is safe and sound. We transfer data in secure methods and apply enhanced cryptography to ensure it’s only useable to the intended recipient holding the key.

CSA Armor