Product overview


Infinian’s 4Sight product brings added insight into the online consumer credit process. Using out unique proprietary data assets, we are able to enhance the decision making process with predictive attributes derived from the applicant, their credit interactions and the corresponding results. The information is delivered using time-bound, velocity, trend and ratio attributes.

Benefits of 4Sight include:

  • Gain access to proprietary data not provided by any other organisation
  • Large number of attributes enabling you to identify those that work best for your organization
  • Supplied in a standardised format similar to Credit Bureaux enabling quick understanding and implementation
  • Data is focused on an applicants search for credit, with increased depth and breadth of information. Enables you to improve the balance between accepts and declines, optimizing your credit risk decisions for increased value
  • Assess customers more quickly and avoid leaving a footprint where a decline decision is made ahead of a Bureau call
  • Understanding more about a customer will enable customers to gain access to credit that was previously declined
  • Identify potentially vulnerable customers enabling the organization to make the right decisions at the right time

Examples of information available:

  • Average income last 3 months
  • Average expenditure last 3 months
  • Income % change in last 6 months
  • Expenditure % change in last 6 months
  • Number of bank accounts used
  • Number of people at address
  • Number of credit interactions in last 3 months
  • Number of credit declines in last 6 months
  • Changes in marital status over last 12 months
  • Number of email addresses used in last 3 months
  • Number of HCST applications in last 7 days
  • Number of personal loan applications accepted
  • Most common device type used for applications
  • Average loan amount requested in last 12 months
  • Max loan amount requested in last 12 months
  • Number of different employers in last 12 months
  • Number of employment statuses in last 12 months
  • Last credit application reject reason