Product overview


ReconnectU enables you to reconnect with your lost customers in a timely and efficient manner via either a batch process, API or via triggers. Every year vast numbers of people move house, get a new phone number or add a new email address. In order to operate effectively it is imperative that you maintain an up to date view of your customers contact details. Not only does this enable the you to maximise your position, it also enables the customer to benefit from the advice and support from your business.

Infinian’s ReconnectU product brings added insight into the trace process. With Infinian’s unique proprietary data assets, we are able to reconnect you with your customers enabling you to maintain that important dialogue.
Our ReconnectU product is very flexible, you are in control of the data that you receive. If you only want email addresses, data from the last 3 months, forwarding addresses, then that’s what we’ll provide. Our product is extremely strong in online lending market, where match rates are usually between 60% and 80%, with enhancement rates of new contact details are of a similar magnitude.