Product overview


EnhancR is Infinian’s data attribute enhancement product which enables you to add the power of the Infinian Vision data onto your own existing customers. Data can be provided by either a one off batch process or via API using our proprietary matching software to ensure that the right customer is identified and processed.

With EnhancR you will have access to our full Vision database, including their core demographic and detailed historical transaction information gathered over the 100’s of data sources that feed Infinian Vision. Over 400 different data attributes are available, from basic customer self-declared personal details to complex derived information relating to credit worthiness and credit hunger.

Examples of information available:

  • DOB
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone
  • Monthly Outgoings
  • Marriage Status
  • Residence Status
  • Employment Status
  • Months At Employer
  • Monthly Income
  • Number of credit interactions in Last Month
  • Number of credit interactions in Last 12 Months
  • Total value applied for in Last Month
  • Total value applied for in Last 12 Months
  • Income % change in Last Month
  • Income % change in Last 3 Months
  • Rental / Mortgage Payments current
  • Existing Loan Payments current
  • Other Expenses current