Product overview


Infinian’s MonitR product allows you to get real time alerts about credit activity or changing contact information on your existing customer database. With MonitR, Infinian will hold a copy of your customer database and alert you via API, SFTP or email that there has been activity that you are interested to be notified about. This could be changing contact details, credit interactions of a certain size or type, or potentially fraudulent activity:

  • Daily alerts - Receive daily alerts highlighting changes to a customers contact information and income and expenditure data. Be alerted to customer’s applying for new credit facilities, or where their customer data is being used by others
  • Optimised collection strategies - Understand your customers changing circumstances and implement strategies that drive optimum outcomes
  • Up to date information - make informed and appropriate decisions based on a customers up to date information
  • Customer contact - Maintain up to date contact details for customers, enabling a continuation of communication to keep the customer informed
  • Manage vulnerable customers - Identify potentially vulnerable customers enabling the organization to make the right decisions at the right time